Wednesday, June 01, 2011

. Fun with Pancakes .

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Good Morning!
or Afternoon....or Night. You know, with pancakes, it doesn't really matter! For me, pancakes are welcome anytime of the day;) The other day, we had some fun with pancake mix. I don't know why I didn't try this earlier~
You take your favorite pancake mix, pour the batter into a plastic squeeze bottle (like the ones for ketchup or mustard. preferrably one that hasn't been used yet!) and...tada!

The perfect way to create free-hand shapes with your pancake batter!
The squeeze bottle makes it easier for you to "draw" out letters and simple shapes unto your griddle because sometimes we get kinda bored with the same ole standard pancake circles;)
Just be sure to squeeze gently because the batter tends to spread. Oh and if you want to "write" out some letters, its best make them backwards. That way, when you flip them over, you get the nice, smooth light brown side instead of the bubbly/holey side when its flipped over.

Before and......

Here's some other shapes my daughter and I tried to make... See if you could figure out what they are... 


I tried to make one more intricate with a lace-y border...but as you can see I had no such luck:( 


Even though they didn't turn out to be perfect, my daughter had fun helping me create some of them and most especially eating them! I wish I had taken a nice picture of them all plated with butter and syrup slathered all over them, but as soon as they hit the plate, my pancake monsters at them all up.
Happy Pancake-Making!

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