Friday, June 17, 2011

. Wishlist Friday #3 .

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I'm such a clutz.
Remember when you were a little kid and sometimes your parents let you pour a glass of milk all by yourself? Then for some strange reason, while en route to your cup, your drink ends up all over the floor :( That's me....still.
I'm clumsy when it comes to pouring stuff. Well, not all stuff but when it comes to pouring stuff from bowls or pots or pans, whatever was being poured ends up spilling. I need help. Or maybe some new mixing bowls and pots and pans with those spouty thingies~
Like these maybe.....

Awww, look! they even have handles! {vesselsandwares @ $98}

Cupcake liner-shaped bowls! Adorable:) Now, if only they attached a spout on....
These are from - $69.95

Now these would be perfect! Too bad they don't make them anymore.
Just thought I'd include these in my list. They are just so pretty:).
Vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. photo from:

from the old red hen @

I think they had me in mind when they made this one.
Too bad I dont have $119.95 to spare. @_@
"Hold me" mixing bowls (yep, that's its name. lol) from

Or I could just get these!!!!!!!!
OMG! Only $5?! I must have them!

Ooooh and if I ever find these slip-on spouts, I just might be able to buy those cute cupcake bowls;)
hmmmmm...wishful thinking.....


Happy Baking!

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