Wednesday, March 16, 2011

. Green Tea Cupcakes .

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 Dont pinch me,
I'm wearing green! Well, at least I baked something green. That counts,right?
For this St. Patrick's Day I decided to bake green tea cupcakes. I bet you're thinking "that's weird!" Or even "what the heck does green tea have to do with Ireland?!" Well, for one thing its GREEN and that's about it --hahaha-- Yes, it IS wierd, but it's DELICIOUS!! Dont knock it till you try it and I've always wanted to try it!
I just used a standard vanilla cupcake recipe (which yields 24) and added about 3 tablespoons. Vanilla and green tea are a great combination. I used the one from this site. Plus I researched other green tea cupcake recipes and most of them are just based on vanilla cupcakes. The frosting is just regular vanilla cream cheese frosting but with 2 tablespoons of green tea powder added to it. Oh by the way, green tea powder can be found in asian food stores and it can be pretty pricey. Here's how it turned out:

{ Green Tea & Vanilla Cupcakes with Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting }

mixing the vanilla cupcake hand. ugh.

after i added the green tea powder.

350 degrees & 20 minutes later...yumminess. these were just as delicious by themselves.

inside the cupcake, before i ate it. lol

frosted and topped with chopped nuts and fondant cherry blossoms. hmm maybe i should've put shamrocks... oh well .


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