Monday, October 03, 2011

. Guitar Cake .

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Rock on!

I made this cake a couple day ago for a friend, for her husband's birthday. Can you guess his favorite instrument? ;)

You know, I never really knew how long the words "happy" and  "birthday" were until I had to spell it out in fondant. lol. I really had so much fun making it though.

I love stripes. The original idea was to make a musical staff but
I didnt make the lines skinny enough so I was only able to fit four on there.

The strings were my favorite to make. It was fun to see it come
together and actually start to look like a guitar.
Yes, there are such things as 5-string guitars;)

...added a couple of musical notes to the sides...

...and finished!

My friend and her family loved it:) I was glad to help them celebrate.
Oh by the way, what do you do when you have left over red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting?
Why, make a parfait of course!

Don't forget the sprinkles!


  1. Seriously, this is not the blog to ready while PMSing!!! LOL. this is so creative! you should open your own bakeshop!

  2. I know, its such a terrible influence! Lol!