Tuesday, March 15, 2011

.Marry me? I have cake.

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I have had wedding cakes on the brain for sometime now.  Naturally I googled it to satisfy my need for visual stimulation. (Hmm that sounded kind of kinky! lol)
I just wanted to share some pretty cakes that I found online. Enjoy.

lovin' the ruffles! cake by thetwistedsifter.

isnt this the sweetest thing you've ever seen?

the thin piping over the light green give an elegant lacy look to this cake.
very pretty!

i always loved chrysanthemums. and i recently found out its my birth flower.
no wonder! lol. cake made by EatCakeBeMerry.

white cakes are so beautiful! simple yet makes a dramatic statement.

damask designs are popular these days, but i never get tired of seeing it:)
this cake is also done by thetwistedsifter.

i thought this one looked super-delish! its a refreshing break from seeing your standard floral-type cake.


I also found some interesting cakes too! These will definitely make your wedding reception UNIQUE!

two words. HELLO KITTY. need i say more? <3
picture belongs to Linda Gavin .

this is is it considered cannibalism if you eat a cake that closely resembles a human?

ooh i always wondered what wedding dress tasted like!

krispy kreme wedding cake?! genius!!

another clever idea!! made from various hostess pastries. drool*

All such interesting ideas. What would your dream wedding cake look like?

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