Thursday, May 19, 2011

.Wishlist Friday . #2

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I did it again. Ugh.
I said I would stick to posting up a blog at least every friday and naturally I forget to do it :/
I apologize for my laziness/forgetfulness. I'm comes with the territory. I mean, 27. Ya, thats right... 27 years young;) hehe.
Anyway, if you didn't catch my first wishlist post, I decided that I would compile a list every friday of things that I find interesting and would someday like to add to my every growing collection of baking paraphenalia. Whoa, that sounds illegal....
Oh by the way, I found a new set of measuring cups!! HOOORAY! Its not the cupcake-shaped ones that I really wanted but these were cute enough. And they're colorful too:)

Tada! I found these beauties at Ross:) ....together with a matching set of measuring spoons. Score!


For this post I wanted to share some of the really cute cake stand/pastry servers I've seen online. I've had my eye on a tiered one. They are just soooooo adorable. Yes, I know. I'm weird.

This cupcake stand is from williams sonoma. So pretty!

Here's a cabbage type cake stand. I like the color, but not really digging the cabbage design.

This one I like! Its also from williams sonoma. It even comes in two other sizes (small & medium) and you can stack them to create a tiered look. simple and cute:) I really love the scalloped edges!!!

I thought this was unique. Cute for a woodsy type dessert setting. This one is from bragging bags on

Gah! This one even has a teacup on top! Made by the mad planter on

This is my all-time favorite. Simple white with scalloped details. l....o...v...e....!!! the ribbons are even interchangable so you could match it with your theme:) This by vesselsandwares at


Well thats about all the ones I've discovered. Hopefully I can "treasure hunt" at Ross again and maybe I'll be lucky enough to find one just like the vesselsandwares plates. And next Friday, I wont forget to post. Promise:)

Happy Baking!


  1. i like the cupcake holders! Especially the last one!

  2. yes its the cutest one ive seen so far! :)