Friday, April 22, 2011

.Wishlist Friday.

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So some of my measuring cups are missing... :( My guess is that my toddler got a hold of them, threw them in the trash when no one was looking and now they are laying somewhere, sad and lonely at the garbage dump. I was sad at first but now im over it because then that gives me a very good excuse to find some really cute ones (^_^) yippeeee!! Any excuse to go shopping right? hehe.
The first place I looked of course was online and I stumbled upon some really cute ones and also found some other cute stuff as well. Then I decided that maybe I should just compile all my findings into a blog post that will not only help me archive my findings,but will also help me get into the rhythm of posting up more blog posts. which leads me to a new routine, which I could hopefully keep up, that I call "wishlist friday." 
So here's some of the cups I stumbled upon and hopefully can aquire soon (to husband: hint hint) so I can get my bake on.

Fred M Measuring Cup Matroyshkas from Amazon.
Decorative and practical! Simply adorable.

and here are the matching measuring spoons!
hmmm...maybe my toddler might "accidentally" lose my measuring spoons too.
oops said too much!

 So pretty!! Perfect for spring!
These flower-shaped ones are from

OMG! I must have these!! has other cute stuff too.....  these bacon bandages. lol! I think i'll get these for my hubby and the kids:)  They sure do love their bacon....

....and they have this too.
I've never wanted to eat a calculator so badly in my life.

I love this!! It's called a Yummy Pocket! In peanut butter and jelly of course.
Mmmmmm, looks so real!

Ok, I'd better stop before I post up every item on that website @_@


  1. ria - yes it is! i was hoping to find something as cute at ross the other day, but no such luck:( i guess i'll have to order it online, as usual. hopefully they'll ship to guam.