Sunday, April 24, 2011


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Happy Easter Everyone!
What's brightly colored, covered in sugar, squishy and fluffy and is usually associated with Easter time? PEEPS® of course!
I recently stumbled upon this odd recipe called "Peepshi." Its a play on the words "Peeps®" and "sushi." Yup, I said sushi. But dont be alarmed, its not a recipe for raw fish and marshmallows. Its actually just a combination of Peeps®, rice crispy treats and fruit strips shaped to look like sushi. The folks at Serious Eats came up with it. I think its kind weird but at the same time I'm intrigued by such an original idea. This is what they look like:

Check out the decapitated Peep heads. Kinda cute and morbid, huh. If you are interested in making them you can click here---> { how to make peepshi = peep sushi }.
There are various other recipes out there like, Peepza = Peeps + Pizza (weird!), and of course...

So pretty!! I can't wait to make these next year! photo from

You can find other recipes that incorporate these marshmallow treats on their website. There are even ones for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's day. If you ever decide try out the Peepshi recipe or if you are daring enough to try the Peepza, let me know. I'd love to see pictures!

Happy Baking!

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