Thursday, April 28, 2011

. Royal Wedding Cake Pops .

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Its like a fairytale <3 ......
Imagine being swept away in a glass, horse-drawn carriage to a beautiful church, where the prince of your dreams is waiting to see you walk down the aisle in your breath-taking couture wedding gown. He waits anxiously, longing for the part when he hears, "I now pronounce you , man and wife," and most importantly, "you may now kiss the bride," Then afterwards you both ride off in your carriage, back to your enchanting castle, to live happily ever after. :) *sigh....
Well, imagine no more because its happening TOMORROW!! woohoo!!! Not for me of course, but for Prince William and Kate Middleton! I really wish I was in London to witness this historic event. All this media coverage has gotten me hyped up. I was too young to watch the wedding of Diana and Charles, so being able to see this ceremony is really exciting for me! Even if I'm only able to watch it on tv.
I plan on having a tea party with my daughter to help celebrate:) We are going to have tea, little cucumber sandwiches, biscuits (or "cookies" for all you non-british folk. lol) and most importantly, WEDDING CAKE!
I saw this really cute idea awhile back from Bakerella. She is the cakepop queen, if you havent already heard. Haha! I said, "cakepop QUEEN!" Get it? I'm talking about the royal wedding, and I called her a queen! lol!! Ok, nevermind (-_-')
Anyway~~~ she has the most incredible ideas and she is SO talented! She did a couple of cakepops in the shape of a wedding cake and I thought that it would be highly appropriate for our "royal wedding teatime" tomorrow!
Here's how they turned out:

I used flower-shaped cutters for molding the cake inside so after dipping them, they came out kinda lumpy and not quite as pretty and Bakerella's.

I had to do some taste-testing. lol. The red velvet was sooo yummy. Definitely fit for a princess:)

Here's to the bride and groom~ wishing them many years of happiness and sweet, sweet love.


I can't wait for our tea time and to watch the wedding tomorrow!!
How are you going to celebrate?


  1. I love these! I'm making 30 of them for a bridal shower, and bought cake mix to cut down on time. Will two boxes do the trick, or should I buy one extra?

  2. Hi! sorry for the late reply~
    i used boxed cake mix as well. I used 1 pkg. but i lost count of how many i actually made:\
    I'd go with 2 boxes just to be sure. if you make over 30, i'm pretty sure your guests wouldnt mind taking home the extras:)