Thursday, August 04, 2011

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I was going through my phone pics and I noticed that I have A LOT of pictures in there. 2400+ pictures. I should be uploading them into my hard drive but instead I decided to blog about it. Ha! Don't worry, I'll get to it...someday. Anyway, I have some pictures that I wanted to put up here because I thought "what's the use of taking pictures if you aren't gonna show them to anyone." Am I right?
Ok well here they are. All food related, of course:)

This is a "taiyaki." Have you ever had one?
Its a japanese fish-shaped waffle/pancake usually filled
with red bean paste, custard or chocolate.
This one was red bean paste. It was yummy!
(tokyo mart)

red velvet cupcakes.
I hope to figure out this recipe someday. It's SINFUL.
(crown bakery)

soy ramen.
The best on Guam.
(fuji ichiban)

local mango

Do they look real? My attempt at making felt dessert:)

carrot cake.
made this for my dad last year for father's day.
It's his favorite flavor:)

vanilla cream puff.
I usually get the strawberry but that day
was a vanilla kind-of-day.
(beard papa's)


praline hearts

green tea ice cream.
(marbleslab creamery)

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